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About the SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIST program at American National College in Atlanta, GA School of Medicine

Great improvements in medical procedures have created a need for more qualified and highly educated staff to be a part of the surgery team. American National College's surgical technologist program is a focused curriculum intended to train students to support patients, surgeons,and anesthesiologists in the operating room. Students will learn anatomy, physiology, microbiology, care and safety of patients, instrument sterilization, infection prevention and control, and handle special drugs, solutions, supplies, and equipment used in todays operating rooms. Students will be taught professional ethics and learn the necessary verbal and written communication skills for effective patient/coworker relationships. Graduates of this program may find entry-level employment as surgical technologists in hospital surgery units, outpatient facilities, surgeon offices, and labor & delivery units. Upon completion of program, the student will be able to sit for National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) National Exam.

The approximate amount of time required for completion of the surgery technologist program is sixty (60) weeks.

A peek at the surgical technician career
Whenever surgical procedures are to be performed on a patient, surgeons and nurses are not the only healthcare professionals present in the operating room a surgical technician also plays an important role. Also known as scrubs, operating room technicians or technologists, they are the ones who provide assistance before, during, and after surgery. With this in mind, it can be said that a successful operation depends on the joint efforts of doctors, nurses, and operating room technicians. While this is not the easiest of healthcare careers to be involved in, getting a better understanding of the different aspects of this occupation should help you make the right decisions.

As a surgical technologist, your job starts right before the commencement of any major surgery. You will be the one in charge of prepping up the operating room so that it becomes a sterile environment. Proper sterilization of tools and equipment that will be used for surgery is critical so as to prevent or minimize any risks of infection. Patients are also prepped up by scrubs for the operation by washing and disinfecting areas where surgery will be performed. Surgical technologist careers are expected to grown faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2020 as the volume of surgery increases. A surgical technologist is able to work alongside surgeons, anesthesiologist and circulating nurses.

There is also potential for advancement once a surgical technologist begins their career with endless opportunities in this fast growing field of employment. American National College will provide all the hands-on training and skills needed to be successful in this industry. AMNC also offers job placement assistance so each student can get a head start on their career.