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About the Online High School Diploma program at American National College

American National College’s Middle School (6-8 grades) and High School (9-12 grades) program is offered Online through its partner school, The National High School. (http://www.nationalhighschool.com)


National High School is proudly accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), an accrediting division of AdvancED.

It's accreditation (SACS) demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement in all that we do. We are committed to providing students the opportunity to receive a rigorous, quality education through innovative learning methods. 


Why choose National High School? 

Earn An American Accredited High School Diploma and Middle School Diploma

Earn a High School Diploma: Customize your educational plans and earn a diploma using 21st century technology.

Schedule with Flexibility: Complete courses at your own pace and at times that best fit your daily schedule.

Recover Credit: Earn credits to get back on track for graduation within your own school district. Enrollment is not dependent upon traditional school       calendars, so courses can be started at any time during the year.

Apply Home School Credits: You can enroll in NHS and transfer credits earned through home school study to our diploma program. * Prior to credits being awarded, courses must be submitted for review and approval.

Select from Advanced or Remedial Courses: Choose courses that meet your academic needs and support your learning style.


Admissions Requirements:  
National High School’s admissions requirements are aligned with the National requirements of enrolling at a traditional High School. It is important that we put forth graduates with a well rounded education through our graduation requirements. This way we ensure that each student receives an education that continues to open additional avenues where they can continue a post-secondary education, move into the work force, or go into the military. 
National High School’s diploma program’s flexibility allows for students to transfer in all credits earned from a previous high school at any age and pick up from where they left off, as long as a transcript is provided.

 National High School’s platform allows for students who have been previously home schooled to integrate their home school experience.


Credit Recovery Program:   
National High School’s Credit Recovery Program allows for full-time students enrolled in traditional brick and mortar schools to take the credits they need to meet their resident high school’s graduation requirements.  

National High School has relationships with educators across the globe to serve students seeking the opportunity to supplement their current curriculum in order to recover credits they’ve lost or take credits they desire to advance through their current educational track.


Individual Course Program:  
National High Schools Individual Course Program allows students in transition to choose from National High School’s course selections and meet the requirements of the program they choose to move onto post receipt of credits earned at National High School.*

* To enroll into the Individual Course Program, students will still be required to provide National High School with proof of eighth grade completion and promotion to the ninth grade. Upon evaluation of these documents, your admissions advisor may require additional documentation (i.e. transcripts)


Enrichment Program:  
National High School’s Enrichment Program, allows students to prepare themselves for high school and provides them with supplemental courses they need to augment their educational path. Students may audit a course through National high School at anytime.


* Students will not earn credits for courses taken through our Enrichment Program.