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About the ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT program at American National College in Atlanta, GA School of Business

Every office relies heavily upon several key components for smooth daily operation, and not one component has more impact upon efficiency in today's business world than administration. 

American National College's Administrative Assisting program is a balanced curriculum designed to offer students the comprehensive set of skills necessary to perform in the administrative office environment. Graduates of this program will become essential personnel who are prepared for rapid advancement in any business office with a thorough knowledge of data entry, filing, 10-key, word processing, dictation, accounting, computer operation and a wide variety of current business software programs. They will learn the necessary verbal and written communication skills for effective client/coworker relationships and be provided with the opportunity to certify their typing speed, 10-key speed, editing skills and office software application abilities. Graduates of this program may find entry-level employment as office workers for businesses in all sectors of the economy (manufacturing, wholesale, retail, non-profit, service). Also, in a wide variety of positions including: Receptionists, Customer Service Representatives, Office Assistants, Clerical Specialists, Claims Processors, Data Entry Operators, Administrative Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Archivists, and Filing Specialists.

Program Objective: This program is designed to prepare students for a career in general office management. As with any executive position within a company one must possess a good knowledge of general business, have the ability to learn all procedures and become an expert in dealing with all documents and forms applicable to that office. Good management skills are a must to maintain a harmonious and efficient office in todays office world..

The approximate amount of time required for completion of the day Administrative Assistant program is forty-two (42) academic weeks and the evening program is fifty-three (53) academic weeks.

Course completion dates are subject to attending 20 hours per week days and 16 hours per week nights. Course Completion dates are subject to attending 9 credit hours per term days and 8 credit hours nights.

Academic weeks are defined as actual weeks in attendance excluding holidays, school breaks, and inclement weather days.